Thursday, June 19, 2014

Medicinal Bath

There are two types of bathing water: natural and man made. Natural bathing water comes from hot springs which surface as an upshot of the blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and the spiritual merits of all the sentient beings. It is miraculous, as the water comprises hot blazing fundamental characteristics of fire on its wet and liquid nature. Hence, it is taken up by people, both healthy and sick ,for well being and healing.

In the absence of the natural hot springs, man made medicinal bathing water called DuetsiNgaloomis prepared, which also contains a great efficacy. The principal ingredients are Balu(Rhododendron Primulaefluorum Bur. et), Ombu (MyriacariabracteataRoyle), Tshedhoom(Ephedra geradiana), Khencha(Ajaniatenuifolum (tacquem) tzvel) and Shukpa(cypress).

Regarding their potency, YuthogShogdrilreads,
“Balu softens the skin,
                        Ombu removes the poison from the bones,
                        Tshedhoom develops the bodily constituents,
                        Khenchaequalises the five elements,
                        And Shukpa contains all the eight merits.”
                        “Balu is the ambrosia of human,
                        Shukpa is the ambrosia of gods,
                        Thsedum is the ambrosia of demon,
                        Ombu is the ambrosia of naga and
                        Khencha is the ambrosia of eight kinds of spirits.”

It also adds, “Balu is the ambrosia of marsh, Shukpa is the ambrosia of day, Tshedum is the ambrosia of shade, Ombu is the ambrosia of water and Khencha is the ambrosia of earth. So, these five herbaceous plants are called DhuetsiNgaloom.”

In addition to five principal ingredient, non laxative, vomiting and non poisoning herbs and minerals like mineral pitch, calcium sulphate, ShorearubustaGaertn, Cassia tora Linn, laril, TribulusTerrestrisLinn,ribongrilma, Sal soda, and other may be added accordingly to the need of disorders.

Medicinal Bath cures rigidity of limbs, swollen joints, physical defilements, neurological and dermatological disorders, wounds, ulcers, herpes, chronic fever, poisoning and swollen body. It also cures diseases caused by retentions of flatulence, faeces and pee. In addition, DrimeShelgong reads,
“It removes chronic fever (of poisoning),
                        Heals gout, rheumatism, foot nodes and rigidity of limbs,
                        Dries nodes and purulence of herpes,
                        Corrects the inflexibility of spinal disorders,
                        Fattens the thinness and emaciates the fatness,
                        Dries lymph, oedema and dropsy,
                        Removes nodes of flesh, skin and nerves,
                        Cleanse excretory products and brightens the look.”

Despite its great benefit, there are some exceptional cases. People with heart diseases, hypertension, wind disorders, epidemic fever, matured hot disorders, hydrops, and lack of appetite should avoid hot medicinal baths. It is not recommended for extremely aged people and people with very weak bodily constituents. Women during their period and pregnancy should also ward off. Bathing after eating is also not recommended.

Out of same preparation, steam bath can also be made where body is soaked in the steam.