Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peace and Happiness

The warp signifies the nature of wisdom,
The weft denotes the nature of initiation,
The way of weaving is the union of wisdom and initiation.
Thus the weaver should have the noble-mind.

Reed beating the yarns
Is a sign of cleansing the ignorance.
Patterns made on the cloths
Is a sign of creativity.

The beautifully woven kishuthara,
If worn by the beloved one--
I will attain eternal peace
And the world would be sparkled with light. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Message From the Wind

When the cool wind blows
Clouds in the sky disappear.
The destined sweetheart
Is so beautiful when at my sight

Because of an unending fate
From the day I saw you
My mind has been changing.

A cool wind is blowing.
From the forgotten mountain
I did not know you were a rain
When the earth of my heart got moistened.

My heart is restless though I be heedful
The joy of you being at my sight
Is so immense.
My heart is restless.

When the wind from south blows
Moonlike sweetheart of mine
When it is into eclipse
Saddened am I.

I may not be in tears constantly
But for now, I cannot help getting saddened
Yet the love I have for you

Will never disappear from my heart.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Promise

The flower of rhododendron appears like a conical bell.
The form is so beautiful, though not handmade,
And so clear, though not rinsed with milk
Its petals are deep, though not curved with chisel.
For its long petals and strong pedicel,
A bee, inseparable from the nectar,
Promises to inhabit till the flower fades.

The Prayer

In the valley of Kazhi,
A cypress tree has overgrown.
And a nightingale has taken shelter on it.
But because of the harsh, altering seasons
The cypress has fallen from its root.
And the storm has driven the nightingale away.
Now, let not the cypress be fallen.
And nightingale be driven by the storm.
By taking refuge in the Triple Gem,
And with pure fidelity
You and I, the destined lovers
Shall not be parted.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Broken Promise

I have waited many years just for you
Yet I have not seen your smile.
Like a flower expected from a dried twig,
You never returned even after long waiting.

Though the ball of the best quality thread
Has become the kishuthara,
You, like a corpse, never returned.
My ceremonial clothe is just a wish.

A message is sent by the river
And waited gazing at the road.
Like words disappearing in the valleys
I am counting the days.

The kira is robed around my body
And hoping for you, koma is put on.
I always looked for you through the window heart.

Now, my life is ending waiting for you. 

The Promise

The sun of happiness has shone
Thus the darkness of the Earth is dispelled;
The river from the mountains has flown
Thus the extreme thirst is quenched.

The beloved one is met
And the happiness is gained.
But to keep your mind unchanged
Please keep the promise.

Sadden not my dear Lhaizin
For you is the heart of my soul.
A body cannot survive without the heart.
I cannot live without you.

As an omen of an unchanging faith
A white-coloured yarn,
Like the pure faith between you and me,
Is woven into kishu Thara with beautiful patterns.

I, like the sun that rises again,
Will return to take my beloved.

In the happy village of Kurtoe,
A joyous celebration will be marked on the auspicious day,
To have happy and prosperous family

Let’s have a happy and prosperous family.