Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Message From the Wind

When the cool wind blows
Clouds in the sky disappear.
The destined sweetheart
Is so beautiful when at my sight

Because of an unending fate
From the day I saw you
My mind has been changing.

A cool wind is blowing.
From the forgotten mountain
I did not know you were a rain
When the earth of my heart got moistened.

My heart is restless though I be heedful
The joy of you being at my sight
Is so immense.
My heart is restless.

When the wind from south blows
Moonlike sweetheart of mine
When it is into eclipse
Saddened am I.

I may not be in tears constantly
But for now, I cannot help getting saddened
Yet the love I have for you

Will never disappear from my heart.

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