Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Promise

The sun of happiness has shone
Thus the darkness of the Earth is dispelled;
The river from the mountains has flown
Thus the extreme thirst is quenched.

The beloved one is met
And the happiness is gained.
But to keep your mind unchanged
Please keep the promise.

Sadden not my dear Lhaizin
For you is the heart of my soul.
A body cannot survive without the heart.
I cannot live without you.

As an omen of an unchanging faith
A white-coloured yarn,
Like the pure faith between you and me,
Is woven into kishu Thara with beautiful patterns.

I, like the sun that rises again,
Will return to take my beloved.

In the happy village of Kurtoe,
A joyous celebration will be marked on the auspicious day,
To have happy and prosperous family

Let’s have a happy and prosperous family. 

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