Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Mistaken Food

this is a lyrics written by drungtsho sherab dorji

From the hands of a generous people
I (fish) didn’t expect a hook
But the hook of an uncompassionate Buddhist
Is killing me in the sandy plain
While I was in the depth of the river
I was content with the elegance of my body

From the hands of women loving eggs
I (hen) didn’t expect a poisonous act
But the ill will of women loving bloody meat
Is ripping off my feathers in boiling water
While I was at the door of the house
Laid laying nutritious eggs

From a religious minded son
I (ox) didn’t expect a knife
But the knife of the money loving son
Is separating my body in the paddy field
While I was at a beautiful village
I ploughed the field tirelessly

From the hand of greedy nomad
I (she-yak) didn’t expect a spear
But the spear of wretched nomad
Is making me crave for water in the butcher's town
While I was in the mountains
I happily grazed the grass and flowers

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