Monday, November 19, 2012

answering the media

1. What inspired you to write this book "A Wind of Love"?
Love, the sweetest emotion of all, inspired me to write this book. Although rare, we come across stories of true and unconditional love that touches our heart.

2. Is this book related to your life experiences?
No. This book is neither related to my life nor to other’s experiences. It is totally a fiction.

3. What values does a reader find in your book?
Although it doesn’t have a specific theme, the story deals with beauty, jealousy, wealth, love, hatred and death, which teach and influence values in life.

4. What challenges did you face while writing this book?
Writing is really a long process demanding extreme patience. It also requires a lot of reading. Promotion and marketing is a hectic job. Above all, in a country of few readers, writing a book is a great challenge.

5. Did you get any certificate or medal of recognition for this book?
Yes. This book was awarded the “The Book of the Year 2011” by Dzongkha Development Commission.

6. Are you planning to write another book?
I have plans to write but writing won’t be my profession. It will remain as my passion to write. I feel that one cannot earn a living writing. Currently, I am working on a book called “Way of Wise and Fools” which will be published next year.

7. Any message to the youth of Bhutan?
My message to my friends would be: Believe in what you do. Keep faith in yourself. Have patience, never give up.

bhutan observer, nov 2012

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