Monday, November 19, 2012

The Three Humours

the humours sustain health, keep the body systems in order, transform the nutrients into body constituents and power, and regulate the body and mind functions.

lung (wind) is one of the three humours that manifests the nature of air element. It is  rough, light, cold, subtle, hard and mobile. it is responsible for the physical and mental activities, respiration, expulsion of urine, faeces, fetus, menstruation, spitting, burping, speech, gives clarity to sense organs, sustains life by means of acting as a medium between mind and body. 

thhripa (bile) basically has the nature of fire. It is oily, sharp, hot, light, fetid, purgative and has fluidity. it is responsible for hunger, thirst, digestion and assimilation, promotes bodily heat, gives luster to body complexion and provides courage and determination.
bayken (phlegm) is cold in nature and is  oily, cool, heavy, blunt, smooth, firm and sticky. it is responsible for firmness of the body, stability of mind, induces sleep, connects bodily joints, generates tolerance and lubricates the body.

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